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Exile on Kappert Isle

Why Perry’s 18 Wheeler Ended up in an Iowa Cornfield Ditch

A Cajun’s Under the Hood Analysis of Why The Perry Diesel Was Run Off the Road in Iowa. 
by K. Hoffpauir
I reviewed the county returns from Iowa. Perry did just fine in those counties where there was no ethanol plant, except for urban areas (chock a block full of one day “GOP” voters who are actually Dems or Indies) and those more industrial areas near the Mississippi River where illegal immigrant smears would have been most effective.

In counties above the diagonal “ethanol line” Perry fared very poorly, except a few.


Iowa was always going to be an uphill climb and Perry could never have been the winner even if every past GOP president, and every Founding Father, had risen from the grave and stood by his side to endorse him.

Sorry, but leading tithers to local churches, and local community leaders are all beholden to ethanol, either by each having part ownership in a plant, guaranteed sales of corn to, fertilizer, seed and equipment sales to or other income derived from ethanol.

You have to remember that each of those dry milling ethanol plants is actually majority owned by local farmers in order to obtain the state subsidy (30 cents per gallon of ethanol produced). It does not matter which “Big Ethanol” company has its name on the sign and operates it. Ethanol produced by wet milling exists at plants designed to produce corn starch as their main profit center and do not require mandates and subsidies to operate.

It is not the Federal subsidy which keeps ethanol in business but the EPA mandate. Perry’s war on the EPA had everyone in ethanol concerned. I’ve got too many contacts, from the NC to WA, in that biz to think different. I’ve sold equipment (chillers, centrifuges, distillation columns systems) to some of those plants (none in IA) and was offered the job of site/plant manager for an ethanol plant proposed for MS (Greenwood), before Haley Barbour line item vetoed funds for the state subsidy.

Additionally, I’ve heard the exact line from the mother of my neighbor across the street, that the ethanol plant her other son (a local farmer in NW IA) has allowed them to give more to their church.

Perhaps, Rick Perry endorsed Newt Gingrich mostly on the basis of less smears and less bribery exhibited by Gingrich’s campaign than the others.

Iowa’s Caucuses should NEVER be considered as credible. It is far from being representative of the GOP, or the nation, for that matter.

Preachers taking bribes/having their collection plates threatened, and locals depending on a Federal mandated non-economically viable industry are not what the rest of the country will base its votes on.

This bodes poorly for an honest candidate who runs for the presidential nomination in the future.



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